In a period of crisis, there is a vast market full of miracle methods and solutions, but now, more than ever, you need an efficient and pragmatic approach.

In our experience, the companies and projects which succeed are those that are pragmatic (i.e. adapted to concrete action, to borrow terminology from the French dictionary Le Robert).

They are built upon 4 fundamental pillars:

1) A leader with a strong self-awareness and who believes in people, who is conscious of their own strengths and weaknesses and surrounds themself with people of quality. One who doesn’t believe to be perfect and know that mistakes are part of the process – allowing room to take risks.

2) A vision and framework for clear action, coherent with the culture of the company, the needs of the market and the profile of the leader who will bring them to fruition. The more clear and coherent the framework, the greater the possibility to act freely within the organisation to remove potential obstacles.

3) Optimisation of each team’s talents and strengths, so members can adapt to any situation by having a full realisation of their potentiel.

4) A tailor-made approach to projects and problem-solving, guided by simple principles of action and by training teams to work collectively and communicate efficiently.


Traditional approach:

Compare the real individual to a perfect individual in the same role, identifying zones with the least performance and those which exceed expectations. Invest to compensate for those zones with the least performance.
The best imaginable outcome inspires the strategy.

Talent-based approach:

Identify the natural talents of each individual, learning to master them and helping them grow. Invest in those zones of natural talent to develop new competencies.
The best of the person in the role inspires the plan for action. Each individual brings a unique contribution to the team and to the organisation.